Sports app startup Zepp has a mobile app that can finally fix your golf swing golf swing.

The company showcased a motion-capture application that can be used with sports like golf and tennis. It ran through a demo of the app on stage at today’s Launch conference in San Francisco. Its first application, Golfsense, is in Apple’s App Store application approval process and will come out soon, the company announced today.

The company manufactures a motion-capture device that attaches to a glove or a user’s hand and tracks the person’s motion. Golfsense, for example, tracks a person’s golf swing and rates it. If it’s a terrible swing, the app makes some suggestions about how to fix it. The app displays a 3-dimensional map for each swing the user takes, and overlays it with what a good swing should look it.

Golfsense users can also sync up with other Zepp users and trade swing data. If there’s a professional playing golf nearby with a Zepp device, amateurs can download his or her swing data and compare it to theirs. There’s also a practice mode that lets users swing repeatedly as if they were at a driving range and gives a bulk rating — as well as specific suggestions on how to improve swings.

The company seems pretty bold in its pricing. It wants to charge between $200 and $300 for the application and the motion sensing device that attaches to a glove. But Zepp’s motion capture technology can be applied to other sports — like tennis or football — so the price point might be worth the trouble. Zepp also plans to release an Android and Windows Phone 7 application soon.