Content, content, everywhere! Nor any bits to download. With apologies to Coleridge, AudioMicro thinks it’s found a better way to deliver content.

So AudioMicro is launching another four sites using the content delivery system it uses for its stock music and sound effect distribution site today, the company announced at the Launch Conference in San Francisco.

The four sites include Cartoonsy, a place that sells stock editorial cartoons for news publications;ChooseTattoos, a place to buy tattoo patterns; ImageCollect, a repository for celebrity photos; and InfoGraphicStock, a stockpile of infographics.

The content is reviewed by professionals — for example, tattoos posted on ChooseTattoos are reviewed by people who are “tattooed head to toe,” said AudioMicro founder Ryan Born. The content on any of the sites is posted online as soon as it’s approved. Visitors then buy AudioMicro credits to pay for tattoos, cartoons and anything else — and the designers all receive credits as payment. The designers are then paid monthly through PayPal.

Born said he wasn’t sure which of the services would end up becoming the most popular. But that didn’t really matter because they only needed one or two strong sites to pay for the rest of the sites. AudioMicro isn’t stopping there either — other companies can whitelabel the service and use it to deliver other types of stockpiled content.

“We’ll quickly find out which of these will be the leaders,” Born said. “We’ll bury whichever one doesn’t work, we’ll bury the stuff that’s small.”

The judges and advisers at the Launch Conference said they were impressed by the service. It was basically a “Demand Media for content,” said angel investor Chris Sacca, referring to the Web content publisher which recently went public on the strength of its cheaply produced Web articles. The site has ideas for more than 25 other potential areas to distribute content, and Born said he would take the company wherever there was a profit.