facetimeAlong with the launch of new MacBook Pro laptops, Apple is also bringing its video chat application FaceTime for Mac computers today, with a price tag of $0.99 in the Mac App Store.

The Mac app has been available as a public beta since October, which is quite some time to wait for the official release, considering that FaceTime was originally announced in June for the iPhone 4 and was one of the device’s most touted apps.

With the FaceTime for Mac app, any Mac user can video chat with other Mac or iOS users over an Internet connection. FaceTime for Mac is now in version 1.0, and the app can be set up using an existing Apple ID. Among the new features, FaceTime enables HD video calls up to 720p on supported Intel-based Macs. The app is now available as a download to existing Mac owners, but the software will come pre-installed with the new MacBook Pro line of laptops.

So, people buying a new laptop will get to enjoy the FaceTime app free of charge (kind of—considering they just ponied up hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a computer), but running for under a buck, it’s hardly a massive investment for others. Then again, Skype is still free.