, an online service that brings together people looking to meet up at “kooky” events, announced that it is launching today at the Launch conference in San Francisco.

“It’s like Jackass, but for nerds,” said All Things D’s Kara Swisher, referring to MTV’s offbeat stunt show.

The service is like Meetup meets Groupon. Anyone can post a crazy event — like squirrel fishing, where a bunch of people will meet, attach nuts to strings and drive squirrels nuts. Users then sign up for the event and let the craziness commence. will also offer deals for some of the more crazy events to attract more users. The more events a user goes to, the more points and badges they can earn. also has an iPhone and an Android application that lets users upload photos and rate Stomp meetups. The application learns over time which meetups the person likes and begins to tailor the application to show those types of meetups. The iPhone application then creates a scrapbook of all the photos Stomp users have taken at meetups.

“Stomp isn’t about finding fun things to do — it’s about the people we do it with,” said co-founder Nick Tommarello. “It’s an adventure-oriented MeetUp.”

The sweet spot for the application is the bunch of crazy college graduates that have a lot of disposable income and time, but aren’t restricted by all the crazy responsibilities that parents have, Plante said. It’s a group that is looking to spend money on experiences rather than buying things — but  don’t quite have the excuse to the stupid things it did in college.