jeff-bezos-kindle-apAT&T has joined the ranks of Staples, BestBuy, and Target and will start selling Amazon’s Kindle e-reader. Beginning March 6, shoppers keen on getting a hands-on experience with the device can hit an AT&T store nationwide.

AT&T will only offer the $189 Kindle 3G (the same price as Amazon’s website), not the megapopular $139 WiFi-only version. AT&T is not promoting the device with special offers or add-on deals either. Basically, the only upswing for consumers is that they have another place (there are over 2,000 AT&T locations in the U.S.) for testing the device before buying it.

For Amazon, the collaboration should work favorably and means there’s yet another outlet for what it claims to be its biggest selling product — good news after letting the investors down with a disappointing fourth quarter.

For AT&T, the Kindle deal is a chance to offer another hip mobile device outside of cellphones now that its lost its carrier exclusivity on Apple’s much-coveted iPhones and iPads. The Kindle probably isn’t going to boost AT&T’s revenues in any extraordinary measure, but still it is a solid move, and signifies a trend in carriers wanting to offer a wider range of devices than just cellphones, like tablets, e-readers, netbooks, and digital photo frames.