Here’s the latest action we’re following today on the GreenBeat:

Coda aims to sell 50,000 electric cars by 2015 — The clean-wheeling startup recently hired a new chief executive and former GM executive Phil Murtaugh, who told reporters of its lofty sales goals for its electric sedan. While there’s been some skepticism about the car’s potential given a high price tag compared to the similar and better-known Nissan Leaf, Coda has said in the past it wants to sell 14,000 cars in the first year of production, targeting fleets for around 40 percent of the sales.

Powerit raises $5 million — The company said today it had raised a new round of cash and appointed a new CEO. The round was led by Black Coral Capital with the participation of four pre-existing investors. Powerit makes an energy management system that connects buildings to smart grid applications like controls for lighting, HVAC, peak load reduction and energy efficiency.

Morgan Solar to raise $20-$25 million — The Canadian company is looking to use the cash to help build a lens manufacturing facility in California with 5.5 megawatts of capacity, Earth2Tech writes. Morgan Solar makes concentrating solar modules, which are still somewhat of a niche area of solar that involves the use of magnifiers or lenses to concentrate sunlight to create higher-efficiency solar panels. One CPV maker, Soliant, has reportedly suspended operations.

Rolls-Royce shows off electric car — The Phantom 102EX Experimental Electric (pictured) was unveiled today at the Geneva Motor Show, Green Car Reports writes. The luxurious vehicle is a prototype to test consumer interest, and the company has not committed to commercial production.

[Image via Green Car Reports]

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