NyoomblNyoombl, which launched at the Spring 2010 DEMO conference, is making a pivot. Founded by Oladayo Olagunju to be the first company to offer a dead-simple solution for video conferencing on your television, the company is now moving to become a broadcasting service that will allow users to bring their conversations to the rest of the web.

The company wants to become a hybrid of Skype and YouTube; a service that will give users a more debate-like experience, as opposed to  a strictly two-way conversation, TechCrunch reports.

In 2010, Nyoombl launched a small device that connected to your TV, and enabled you to video chat with other users, as well as Gmail users on PCs and Macs who had Google voice and video chat installed.

Unfortunately, the market became very crowded, with Cisco, IBM, and Polycom entering. As Cisco CEO John Chambers said after his purchase of Linksys, a maker of home-networking routers, “We think the time has come for Cisco to make a huge play in the home.”

Founder Oladayo Olagunju is being advised by Sun Microsystems co-founder Scott McNealy, entrepreneur Adam Rifkin, and venture capitalist Lara Druyan. The company, which is based out of Palo Alto, has received funding from one ex-Facebook executive.

Nyoombl will be inviting users to try out the service here shortly.