Seeing that no one posted about this elsewhere thought it would be nice to post about it here and wonder if these kind of packages differ from one region to another.



This has been laying around for  a while, yet we didn't have the chance to show it since we were too busy rebuilding Lochal Archade, Playstation Middle East gave us an interesting little package that happens to be Motorstorm Apocalypse's review code.


This, ladies and gentlemen is the package, it's a circular tin box with the Motorstorm logo and splotches of rust (with real rust, I think they dabbled with some corrosive materials to get this rusty finish) all over, when my folks first saw it they thought I was walking around with a box of chocolates, some other friends thought it was some sort of mine, and I wouldn't blame either to be frank, just look at it!


When we open the lid we are greeted with the 3D holo cover, obviously marketing Motorstorm Apocalypse's 3D support for the PS3.


And this ladies and gentlemen, is the review code. Something some people may not be aware of is that Review codes tend to be unfinished copies of the game, there's usually some note stating obvious bugs in the game (don't worry, they usually state the bugs will be fixed in the future as the devs will release an update for the review code to fix the problem online while it will be already available on disc in the final copy), think of it as a closed beta code if you will, only a lot more exclusive.


Media assets are usually hi-res screenshots of the game, videos and even information of release dates and other things for the reviewer to know about the game.


The cool thing about this package is that it's not only a pretty face with a game disc of the game inside, the package came with a ton of cool freebies such as this "survival guide", which is basically 2-sided poster including a map of the in-game city, postcards and a very nice car sticker to go with it.


Be sure to be back to check out our Motorstorm: Apocalypse review that will be on tonight, the final game will be out for grabs some time on the 18th this month for the Europe and the United Arab Emirates.
Originally posted for Lochal Archade