Here’s the latest from VentureBeat’s Entrepreneur Corner.

Demystifying the VC term sheet: protective provisions – Controlling a company is about more than having the most voting power. Attorney Scott Edward Walker breaks down protective provisions, which give investors a chance to veto or block certain corporate actions, regardless of the Board’s vote.

Succession planning should extend beyond the C-suite – Sure, your company might suffer if the CEO were to leave abruptly, but what about the person who runs your reporting systems? Jeff Diana, Chief People Officer at performance management company SuccessFactors, discussed the need to dig a little deeper when mapping out your succession plan.

Today’s napkin entrepreneurs take to the Web – In days of yore, many a business was started by people scribbling ideas on the back of a napkin. Today, though, it’s just as easy – and a lot more effective – to build a Web prototype, says serial entrepreneur Steve Blank.

3 strategies for achieving web start-up success – Software companies used to be able to rely on shelfware to reap their fortunes, but as the software industry has changed, that model has fallen by the wayside. Infusionsoft CEO Clate Mask gives three tips on how to find the same sort of success in the current environment.

Walking the fine line between goals and ROI – Is the rush to see a return on your investment (or that of an angel or VC) more important than your company’s overarching goals? Serial entrepreneur Brent Constantz, founder of Calera and other firms, discusses this in an Entrepreneur Thought Leader Lecture given at Stanford University.