Bitmob serves as a convergence of intelligent writers who produce intelligent articles on a daily basis. Thought-provoking articles such as the top 5 games to play while pooping are shining examples of this.

OK, you caught me. That article is actually an example of the ever-present humor article. While Bitmob prides itself on providing serious, insightful pieces, it also plays host to a great variety of comedy writing aimed at gamers. April Fools' Day may have ended, but let's not waste all our comedic energy on just one day. This is where this month's challenge, Humor Me, comes in.

The Prompt

The object of this challenge is very simple: Write a humorous gaming article. It may sound like a stupid idea for a challenge, but keep a couple of things in mind. Professional outlets are always open to this type of article to break up the more serious coverage and diversify their content. Also, writing in a less serious tone can really help you form a better authorial voice and give your writing a dose of personality.

And don't forget about the power of satire. The now-defunct Old Man Murray made its living by satirizing entrenched gaming tropes, which in turn helped people recognize bad game design as well as making them laugh. But whether your piece is satirical or not, humor pieces have the power to improve your skills and brighten readers' days.

  1. Write a humor piece using the gaming medium in some way. You may take any approach you choose. You could use satire to make a greater point in the realm of games, for example, but you don't have to. For guidance, look at The Albion Inquisitor, Pokémon Trainers Are Disturbed and Depraved, and the aforementioned poop article. Make sure it is under 1000 words. Also, it has to be a new work, so additional entries of previous works are out.

  2. Post it to the Mobfeed with the tag "Humor Me" by April 30.

  3. Don't forget to comment on each others' stories! For extra hilarity, write a reply assuming the story is real and serious, but in a humorous way.

I'll be collecting all the pieces at the beginning of next month to post in a challenge roundup article. By participating, you increase your chances of getting your work noticed. And as always, this challenge will hopefully help you improve your writing skills. Now get out there and tickle some funny bones!