Here’s our roundup of the week’s tech business news. First, the most popular stories that VentureBeat published in the last seven days:

blacks-ops-map-pack-2Is another Black Ops map pack coming May 3? — The launch details for the second blockbuster Call of Duty Black Ops map pack may have been leaked, thanks to a retailer error.

IBM researchers create nanomedicine to kill bacteria where antibiotics fail — IBM and a research group in Singapore have engineered a new kind of synthetic, biodegradable nano particle that could be used to attack bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics.

Hacktivist group Anonymous launches “payback” cyber attack on Sony — The attack is considered part of Operation Payback, a series of attacks that included denial of service attacks against companies that had disowned WikiLeaks after it angered the U.S. government.

How HTML5 will kill the native app — Evangelists say the HTML5 movement has so much momentum that it could defeat the native app — an application that is designed to run on a single platform — in as little as two years.

Leaked iPod Touch with capacitive home button may point to iPhone 5 — Blurry photos of a potentially leaked iPod Touch model hit the Internet Tuesday sporting a touch-sensitive home button and metal back.

And here are five more posts we think are important, thought-provoking, fun, or all of the above:

Larry PageLarry Page reorgs Google, ties bonuses to social success — New Google CEO Larry Page, who took up the position on Monday, isn’t wasting any time.

Cocoon promises a safe, spam-free, private way to browse the web — Imagine browsing the web without having to worry about viruses, spam, and spyware.

500 Startups plans a fund that’s all about designers — People in Silicon Valley like to talk about the importance of design, but now incubator and early-stage investment fund 500 Startups is creating a new fund around that idea.

Indie darling Minecraft creator: release games before they’re finished — The Zynga way — releasing games mid-production and updating them as time goes on — is the way to go for independent game developers, according to Minecraft creator Markus Persson.

Only two women make 2011 Forbes Midas List — Forbes’ most recent Midas List is a sober reminder that while women make up the majority of the U.S. workforce and U.S. management positions, they remain woefully underrepresented in the world of venture capital.