It’s Sunday, so you know what that means: If you’re not in church right now praying to the good Lord above, then you must be waiting for the Reviews Spotlight. Today we’ve got four of the wisest, most enlightened reviewers who have numbed their fingers to help organize and strategize your gaming habits. Preach on, my brothers! Preach on!

Dead Money: An insufferable heist Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money review
By Sean Hinz
In the first downloadable content of Fallout: New Vegas, you are tasked with robbing the Sierra Madre Casino with the help of a super mutant with multiple personalities, a mute from the Brotherhood of Steel, and a 200-year-old singing ghoul. Now if that doesn’t get you to read Sean’s review, then I don’t know what else to say.



Going rogue: Winning isn’t everything
By Daniel Feit
Shiren the Wanderer 5 is a little-known DS title that Daniel, a community writer from Japan, describes as having the same level of difficulty as Demon's Souls. When your character dies, he starts the game over at level 1 and with no equipment. Ouch! A self-described hater of terribly hard games, Daniel apparently enjoyed this one. Read the review to check out why. 

 Two Worlds 2

Two Worlds 2: Two steps forward, one step back
By Bryant “B” Chambers
As the title suggests, developer Reality Pump made some welcome changes to Two Worlds 2, but not enough to be mentioned among the top tier of RPG’s. Click on the link for Bryant's pros and cons.

You Don't Know Jack! TWICE!
By Daav Puke
In Daav Puke's review of You Don't Know Jack, he writes that “Fusing pop culture with deeply intellectual knowledge, this game requires you to be a homo universalis and no, that’s not an insult.” Hot off of his Spotlight of Plants vs. Zombies last week, Daav Puke returns with another solid article.