massageYes, it’s true — there was a masseuse in VentureBeat’s San Francisco office today, giving chair massages to our overworked staff.

There’s been a lot of talk about whether the startup world has entered a new bubble. Judging from the disblieving messages I received this afternoon (publicly and privately) after I tweeted about the massages, it seems like “masseuse in a tech blog’s office” is one of the clearest signs that we’ve returned to the days of crazy excess.

You can see the craziness for yourself in the photo above. And while it may look like VentureBeat founder Matt Marshall is luxuriating while I toil away in the background, I promise that I had a turn too.

So what does this mean? Did we pay our masseuse through an astonishingly huge round of funding? Have we been acquired by AOL? Well, no. It turns out that hiring a masseuse for a couple of hours makes for more affordable team bonding than a fancy dinner.

Oh, and by the way, VentureBeat is still looking for writers. You can read more details here. Just ignore all the stuff at the beginning — we’ve filled the other positions mentioned in the post.

[photo by Christopher Peri]