Chinese smartphone maker Meizu wants to expand to the US, starting with an office in California, according to a forum posting by company head Jack Wong.

But such a move could cause further trouble with Apple, which managed to shut down the production of Meizu’s flagship M8 phone because of its similarities to the iPhone. (Production was later restored due to a patent dispute.)

A move to the US would be big for Meizu. The launch of its Android-powered M9 smartphone drew huge lines in China earlier this year, and it even managed to compete with the iPhone 4 when it came to certain specs, like its 640 by 940 display that matched Apple’s much-touted Retina Display. The M9 showed a level of polish that was surprising for an original design from a Chinese phone manufacturer.

Meizu looks to be building on its previous success with its upcoming MX smartphone, which sports a dual-core CPU, 8 megapixel camera, and 4-inch screen — specifications which also seem to match what we’ve been hearing from iPhone 5 rumors.

Having a US office would make it easier for Meizu to sell its smartphones in America, but the move also opens the door to yet another lawsuit from Apple, which just yesterday sued Samsung over its Galaxy line of phones and tablets. Still, the trouble would likely be worth it for Meizu, which has already generated a significant amount of interest in its phones with US gadget fans.

Via Electronista

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