Our VentureBeat Mobile Summit kicks off next week, and we’ve got a tremendous program lined up. We’ve invited the 180 Who’s Who in mobile. Here are the latest two execs to join the roster:

Michael Abbott (left), VP of Engineering at Twitter, will be joining us for an opening fireside chat on Monday. Michael helps lead Twitter’s mobile efforts, working closely with co-founder Jack Dorsey. As such, he can speak to mobile product development. Yes, he was referenced in that recent article by Fortune about the leadership shuffles and strategy discussions happening at Twitter. He’ll talk with us about Twitter’s investments in HTML5 versus native mobile app development, how he is making sure Twitter’s offering stays consistent across platforms, and also provide insights around Twitter’s roadmap.

Previously, Abbott led Palm’s webOS platform efforts, and before that was general manager of .NET Online Services at Microsoft. Prior to Microsoft, he co-founded Passenger Inc. and led the development of the company’s consumer marketing SAAS platform. He also founded Composite Software, creator of industry-leading enterprise information integration software, where he served as CEO/CTO. Abbott’s talk segues nicely to the chat we’ll have with Keith Rabois of Square, who will talk about how to design for mobile. (Later in the event, we’ve got other presentations from some of the most dynamic private, disruptive companies too, from Dynamics, to Evernote, who will reveal insights about their efforts and mobile user stats.)

To round out Monday evening, we’ll also be joined by Nicola Palmer, VP of Network for Verizon Wireless, the largest wireless carrier in the country. In December 2010, Verizon launched its 4G LTE network, arguably the fastest 4G network in the country. And because she’s in charge of that network, she’ll be giving our audience fresh insight into what Verizon is doing on the LTE front, how it’s ensuring quality and speed (it basically boasts half the latency of 3G), how the explosion of Android devices has affected the network, how things like voice (VoIP) and IMS will be supported soon, and how developers can interface with these technologies. She’ll be providing specific tips about how to design for this new world.

Palmer is responsible for Verizon Wireless’ network support, including overall systems performance and quality assurance. She’s also responsible for implementation of new products and services within the network, along with transport interconnect, supplier management and ensuring regulatory compliance.