It’s tempting for mobile app developers to focus solely on the United States when creating their products, but some developers are finding success abroad in markets that are less saturated and more open to quirky applications.

Take Amnesia Games’ Ninja Joe app. This addictive and retro-looking game asks users to help a character named Joe race across city rooftops in order to find four spheres and become a ninja. The graphics are simple but lovely, and there are 25 levels.

The low-key fun of a game like this would likely have been lost on the hyper-competitive American market, but Chileans love it. In the first for months of its debut, one million users downloaded the free version of Ninja Joe and one thousand users downloaded the premium version via the Nokia Ovi store. The game is the cornerstone of the Santiago-based Amnesia’s success.

According to a presentation made at the Forum Nokia conference in San Francisco last year, in the third quarter of 2010 Chile was responsible for more than one million downloads from the Nokia Ovi store. Users in Peru were responsible for more than 250 million downloads over the same time period.

Amnesia is positioning itself as one of the leading mobile game developers in Latin America. Watch for other companies vying for similar success in the region in the coming months.