Here’s our roundup of the week’s tech business news. First, the most popular stories VentureBeat published in the last seven days:

sony-homeSony’s PlayStation Network suffers big outage — The good news is that Sony has more than 70 million registered users for its PlayStation Network online service for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. The bad news is that they’re all angry because Sony suffered an outage this week.

AT&T craps on T-Mobile, self, in FCC filing — Like the kid who beat you up at the bus stop because he felt bad about being obese, AT&T is a bully because it hates itself. At least that’s how the mobile giant appears in its enormous and unintentionally hilarious FCC filing.

Hackers deny involvement in PlayStation Network outage — Anonymous, the hacker group that had attack Sony sites earlier, said it was not behind the shutdown. However, Sony did later say that an external attack brought down the network.

Select devs get souped up iPhone 4 with A5 chip to prep for iPhone 5 — Apple is reportedly helping select game developers to gear up for the iPhone 5 by handing out super-powered iPhone 4s equipped with its new A5 chip.

iPhone 5 said to have 8MP camera; white iPhone 4 appears in UK — Here’s the latest round of iPhone gossip.

And here are five more posts we think are important, thought-provoking, or fun:

Apple explains slow second quarter iPad sales — The biggest loser in Apple’s powerhouse second quarter was by far the iPad, which managed to ship just 4.69 million units when analysts expected somewhere between 6 and 8 million.

How GroupMe and SMS saved 14 lost souls at Coachella — VentureBeat’s Matt Lynley explains why text messaging will never die.

Zillow files for a (small-ish) IPO — Online real estate site Zillow joined the wave of consumer Web companies filing for initial public offerings.

“Portal Kombat” shows the duality of gamers (poll) — Tuesday’s launches of Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat show how very different game audiences can be.

Netflix to offer more streams at once with family plans — It’s likely that a family plan would allow Netflix customers to add multiple users to a single account at a discounted price./