YouTube will soon begin offering its users major Hollywood movie titles as an on-demand service, according to TheWrap. The service is a direct competitor to Apple’s iTunes.

The official announcement is expected soon, and the service may launch as early as this week. Pricing details and titles are not yet available. Neither are the details about video quality, but high-definition options wouldn’t be a big surprise. The movies will be available from at least three major studios: Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Brothers and Universal. Paramount and Fox are not participating and Disney’s status is still unclear.

A senior executive from a Hollywood studio that has signed the deal told TheWrap that the streaming video-on-demand would probably expand to sell-through titles.

“What’s really good about their approach is rather than another subscription offering, they’re going into a fresh area where there has been fewer leaps forward,” said the source.

The titles will be available on YouTube the same day they appear on iTunes or video stores, and before subscription services like Netflix.

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