Queen's Day in AmsterdamComScore just released a social networking study that shows the highest Twitter and LinkedIn penetration in the world is in the Netherlands.

Twitter is used by 26.8 percent of Cloggies and LinkedIn by 26.1 percent. The U.S. in contrast doesn’t even make it into the top 10 Twitter-mad countries. Instead, the list is dominated by Asian and South American countries, including Japan and Brazil.

The U.S. is number 3 on the LinkedIn list with 17.6 percent of Americans having an account.

The Netherlands is unusual in that the top social network in the country is a local, Facebook-like platform called Hyves. Facebook has been growing in leaps and bounds, however, surging 76 percent in the past year to nearly 6.6 million visitors in March (Hyves received 7.6 million visitors out of a total Dutch population of 16 million). Amsterdam was also the first European city to adopt location check-in service Foursquare.

So what does your average Dutch social media addict look like? Forrester’s Social Technographics tool defines 7 levels of overlapping participation for social media users, from Inactives to Creators. Overall, social media is dominated by Spectators (73 percent of U.S. users) who read but don’t post much themselves. 24 percent of U.S. social media users are Creators in that they write a blog, create music or video, etc.

Dutch users are much less likely to be Collectors, who collect RSS feeds and tag photos and video, than U.S. users (8 percent vs. 21 percent). Americans also like to post reviews and comment or participate in other people’s content more than the Dutch do (37 percent vs. 20 percent), a category Forrester calls Critics. The Netherlands has higher levels of Inactives but also lower numbers of Spectators (64 percent) than the U.S.