VentureBeat and DEMO are partnering with Accel Partners, one of the hottest venture capital firms in the world (it has backed Facebook, Groupon, 99Designs, Angry Birds, Cloudera, Etsy, and many others).

We’ve joined with Accel to provide feedback and answer questions for a select group of innovative, early-stage tech companies at the Accel offices in Palo Alto on Wednesday, May 18th.

This is part of our ongoing quest to find the best entrepreneurs in the world for DEMO, the event VentureBeat co-produces every six months — the next conference is scheduled for September 12-14 in Silicon Valley. It’s an event where a long list of successful companies have launched their earliest products, including Netscape, Salesforce, Palm, TiVo and E-Trade.

We also just launched a new DEMO Scholarship Partner Program, which will make DEMO free for the earliest stage companies. This next event is going to be huge.

So whether you’re contemplating a launch at the upcoming DEMO, or at a later date, the session will give you the opportunity to meet with myself (I’m DEMO Executive Producer and am in charge of selecting DEMO’s class of companies) as well as a few partners from Accel.

If you’re interested in coming to this gathering at Accel, please fill out this form. The focus of this session will be on companies in Social, Mobile, Cloud services, or eCommerce 2.0. We’ll be providing feedback to up to 10 companies during the day.

These meetings are not designed to be pitches for funding. They are a great opportunity to develop an early relationship with the firm’s partners without the pressure that comes with a typical pitch.

Look forward to seeing some of you at Accel soon!