Anyone else find virtual controls on mobile games totally fine? Sure it will never be better than physical controls but most handle fine after a short learning period. I still find it odd that game journalists all flip out when they hear the words 'virtual button/joystick'. Sure your fingers block the screen, so just stop looking at your fingers. Good mobile games know that your fingers are on the screen and tend not to have shit shooting at you from under your fingers.

Really the only time I had issue was when I got my iphone 3g, but it really didn't take more than a week or so to get a hang of. Same as learning a new gaming input method (protip: for virtual d-pads, go to options and turn the size to small if you can, and set your thumb as a pivot point on the d-pad and rock left/right/up/down, a lot easier than sliding around). And a lot of these games allow full UI customization for your needs.

Sure I'd rather play this stuff on my psp/ds, but I rarely carry those around with me and you eventually do reach a point in which you have to weigh better controls for a much more expensive game.