BrightEdge, a search engine optimization management (SEO) platform, said today that is has partnered with digital performance measurer ComScore to help companies get the highest online ranking possible, Jim Yu, founder and chief executive, told VentureBeat.

San Mateo, Calif.-based BrightEdge uses tools to help companies increase their prominence on search engines like Google.

“Search marketers need a holistic view of what is impacting their search rankings,” Yu told VentureBeat. “It makes perfect sense to collaborate with ComScore to combine their competitive intelligence with our organic insights so that our customers can get this complete picture instantly in the BrightEdge platform.”

As part of the new partnership, ComScore’s intelligence into consumer search behavior, which is based on its panel of three million Internet users, will be fully integrated into BrightEdge’s current SEO platform.

BrightEdge said this combination of collective intelligence and “deeper” SEO analytics will enable SEO managers and executives to get a complete view of their competitive position across the Internet.

That view will be crucial for companies hoping to identify new strategies to cut through the Web clutter and drive SEO performance.

“The landscape of SEO is evolving quickly, with new channels like social media and mobile becoming more and more important factors into SEO performance,” said Yu. “Companies who don’t understand these new search behaviors are optimizing for yesterday’s SEO.”

The money at stake is huge. The SEO market opportunity in the U.S. is greater than $40 billion, three to four times larger than paid search which, according to independent technology and market research company Forrester, was close to a $13 billion market in 2009.

BrightEdge’s closest competitors are customized in-house solutions and similar SEO companies Covario and ConductorSearchLight.

It has been growing at a rapid pace. In the last few months, the company says it became the first SEO platform with global capabilities; was joined by the former chief architect of Baidu to consult on international platform expansion; and introduced BrandSafe Link Audit to expose disreputable SEO techniques to brand marketers before they end up in the headlines.

In March, it began integrating social media signals into its platform, allowing its customers to analyze the content of Tweets and Facebook “likes” and “shares” to pinpoint the exact areas in social media that will boost SEO, and offer specific recommendations to increase activity in these places.

Founded in 2007, BrightEdge has so far raised $8.5 million from Battery Ventures, Altos Ventures, and Illuminate Ventures.