YammerYammer, the social networking platform for the business world, pushed out a significant update to its Adobe Air desktop application that added new features and user interface improvements.

The most notable addition in the update is the ability to view threaded conversations within a feed, which is already available on Yammer’s iOS application and website.

Yammer’s primary goal is to keep everyone in a particular company informed about what their coworkers are doing via a private communication channel. But, as the company evolved its platform from a service that required short Twitter-like updates into a fully fledged discussion tool, the absence of threaded conversations rendered most of its official applications useless.

The update also added separate tabs for notifications and direct messages as well as a variety of ways to sort and search information. The app doesn’t have complete functionality and users will still need to visit the website to conduct polls and adjust administrative settings. However, for people who just want to keep the channel of communication open without it being ignored inside a web browser, this is at least an option again.