Hewlett-Packard is debuting a number of new laptops today with one nice benefit: they won’t burn your lap.

Many laptops are too dumb to know when you want screaming performance or low-power operation to conserve battery life and save your lap from getting too hot. But the new HP Pavilion dv4 (pictured) and HP Envy 14 laptops being announced today feature HP’s CoolSense technology that handles cooling in an intelligent way. This is a simple innovation that could make the life of road warriors easier.

CoolSense now has an automatic mode that helps keep your lap cool. When the laptop is sitting flat on a table, the built-in motion sensor, or accelerometer, can detect that it is sitting on a table and will ratchet up the performance, which can also make the machine hotter.

But when the laptop is sitting on your lap, it is more likely to be in motion or just be wobbly and uneven. The motion sensor will detect that and will keep the laptop in low-power mode. That will keep your lap from getting too hot. The new dv4, which costs $599 or more, will be available in the U.S. on May 18. The HP Envy 14 will cost $999 and will be available in the U.S. on June 15. CoolSense is also on all Pavilion, dv, mv, and dm4 models.