Feel like taking the world by storm?

I’m delighted to announce that DEMO, the leading conference for emerging technology product launches, will also have a DEMO Asia.

It’s a nifty development, because among other things, it gives companies launching at DEMO here in the U.S. an easy way to get exposure in Asia.

Here’s how it works. The new DEMO Asia conference will be held November 29-30 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Singapore. The conference will be organized separately by our Singapore-based partner, Sphere Exhibits, a subsidiary of Singapore Press Holdings. However, we’ll be in close consultation because we’ve created some cool ties between the events that will give participating companies more value. Going forward, a company that launches a product at any of the DEMO conferences (there are now three: DEMO in the U.S., DEMO China and DEMO Asia) can also participate for free at any of the other DEMO events.

At a time when it’s important for companies to go global quickly, this is a convenient way for companies to get exposure in foreign markets after launching. The great part is, they get to choose the timing. So, for example, if a company launches a product at DEMO in Silicon Valley this fall, it can then go to Asia, and get a showcase station at the Chinese and Singapore events, and access the professional networks and services that those organizers have put together for foreign companies. It can choose when it goes to those other events; it gets one shot at each of them. And expect the services at the other events to be similar to the ones we already offer: from access to alumni networks, to presentation coaching, a dedicated DEMO PR team, turn-key exhibitor station with signage, and the six-minute launch video and profile hosted online and accessible to a broad audience through VentureBeat and IDG Enterprise properties.

We’re calling this the DEMO Global Launch Program.

DEMO Asia will aim as high as our own conference here in the U.S. It will recruit the best companies from across the Asian continent but won’t stop there: It can recruit companies across the world too, since many companies now aim launch in the Asian marketplace from the get-go. Singapore is working hard to position itself as an Asian business hub, and if you go there you can see why: It offers a solid infrastructure, a clean and stable environment and an English-speaking population.

Companies interested in launch opportunities in DEMO Asia should contact Benjamin Ng at bensgng@sph.com.sg

Meantime, we’re still accepting applications from companies hoping to launch products at DEMO Fall here in Silicon Valley. If you are interested, fill out this application form. The deadline for applications is August 1, 2011.

Finally, as announced last month, we’re offering at least twenty full scholarships for early-stage companies through the DEMO Scholarship Partner Program. We also offer ten partial scholarships to angel-backed companies and ten full scholarships for college students to launch through the Alpha Pitch program. All applications for scholarship consideration must be received by July 1, 2011.

Stay tuned for more announcements that will make this Fall the best DEMO yet!

[Image credit: JD Hancock]