Tablet screens are about to get a whole lot sharper. Samsung today announced a new 10.1-inch display for tablets with an incredibly high resolution. And LG — which builds the iPhone 4’s sharp Retina Display — has some new display technology in the works.

It’s about time. While current display technology works just fine in tablets, having a higher resolution display will certainly improve the tablet experience, especially as displays approach the sharpness of print media. For all of its improvements, the iPad 2’s low-res 1024 by 768 display is still a distraction to me.

Both companies will be showing off their new display tech at SID 2011, a symposium for display technologies, next week in Los Angeles.

Samsung partnered with Nouvoyance for its new 10.1-inch PenTile display, which sports a ridiculously high 2560 by 1600 pixel resolution — a resolution higher than most 24 and 27 inch computer monitors. With so many pixels in a tight amount of space, the display will be able to offer a pixel density of 300 dots per inch, which would make it equivalent with Apple’s “Retina Display” marketing. Better yet, the display will consume 40 percent less power than typical LCD displays, making it perfect for tablets.

LG, meanwhile, will be showing off new display technology for smartphones, tablets and big screen TVs, although it hasn’t listed the specific resolutions. LG hints that the technology in its new panels offers a greater number of pixels than the human eye can recognize, which Apple also touts for its Retina Display.

Via Engadget

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