Online game addicts rejoice! Sony Online Entertainment has now restored service for its PC online games.

Similar to the restoration of the sister network, the PlayStation Network today, the SOE restoration of The Station online gaming service will happen in phases. Sony discovered hackers had attacked the PC online game service on May 1, about 11 days after it discovered the hacking of the PlayStation Network.

The restoration will begin with the return of all of Sony’s PC online games, from EverQuest to Free Realms. SOE will also restore game forums and web sites and require players to reset their passwords. SOE also promised better security as a result of consulting with respected outside security firms. The company pledged to take better care of the personal information of its 24 million users. The company said it is possible that 12,000 users had their credit card numbers stolen.

Sony is launching new security technologies such as software monitoring, penetration and vulnerability testing, and increased encryption.

SOE is offering a “welcome back” program for all Station account holders, including 30 days of free game time plus one day for each day the servers were down, or 15 more days. Players will also get 500 Station cash, SOE’s virtual currency, which can be used to purchase items in games.

Lifetime subscribers will received in-game currency instead of game time, since they are not on a monthly billing cycle.