Magic Pixel Games is coming out of stealth today as a new game studio focused on making motion-control family games. The Los Angeles game studio hopes to benefit from the wave of popularity for motion-sensing game systems, from Microsoft’s Kinect to Sony’s PlayStation Move.

Users have spoken loudly and made it clear that they want motion controls in their games, and big companies are responding with systems such as Nintendo’s upcoming Wii 2 and Sony’s portable NGP. But the startup world has focused on mobile and social games, so it’s relatively rare to see a company focus on motion control that can be extended across a number of game platforms. But this studio is built around the idea that console games are not dead.

The team has veterans from game companies such as THQ, Electronic Arts, and Activision. It plans to develop games and work with external partners to publish titles.

“This company was formed because the team has developed a unique chemistry and talent for building engaging gameplay, capitalizing on the strength of any given game platform — motion control or otherwise,” said Mark Tsai, president, Magic Pixel Games. “With our first title launching this holiday season, we look forward to new challenges and partnerships that allow us to continue finding the fun in everything we do and every product we make.”

The company was started in 2010 and has 23 employees. The company is self-funded and will be unveiling one of its current projects next week at the E3 trade show in Los Angeles. That first game is fully funded.

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