Someone challenged me to include the word "verily" in today's Video Blips. There, challenge completed.

Video Blips:

• The power struggles of Saints Row: The Third's seedy criminal underworld ranges from subtle to explosive. We're also reminded that wearing sunglasses indoors does not protect you from brain-busting tackles by burly, airborne wrestlers.

Continue after the break for the epitome of class and dignity in Duke Nukem Forever's launch trailer, the conflict over Jackie Estacado's demonic powers in The Darkness 2, and an unannounced visit at the offices of Devil's Third developer Valhalla Studios.


• Believe it or not, this trailer heralds Duke Nukem Forever's June 14 release.  I wonder if that tri-boobed alien ever sired any offspring….

• Everyone wants a piece of Jackie Estacado's "gift" in The Darkness 2. Of course, some recipients wind up forcefully torn in two, but such hiccups are merely trifling.

• Japanese comedian Sumitani Masaki , better known as the pelvic-thrusting Hard Gay, hunts for Devil's Third lead designer Tomonobu Itagaki. Ah, the old "invisible Morgan Freeman" distraction. Works every time!