If you’re a tech company in the Boulder, Colo. area and are working on a new idea to launch in the next year or so, join VentureBeat and DEMO for a meetup with Foundry Group one week from Wednesday on June 15.

The Foundry Group is the area’s leading venture firm, and its senior partners will be offering free feedback to entrepreneurs. It’s a great way to form early ties with a venture firm, without the pressure of a formal pitch for money.

We’re inviting up to 10 companies contemplating launching products at DEMO (either the next DEMO event in Silicon Valley, Sep. 12 – 14, or DEMO Spring 2012) to present at the Foundry Group offices at 1050 Walnut Street, Suite 210, Boulder.

DEMO is the top venue to launch your company or product because of the significant publicity you get there. The nation’s leading tech media attends, as do leading venture capitalists and business development executives. Everyone from Salesforce to VMWare has launched there over the years.

Aside from editing VentureBeat, I’m the Executive Producer of DEMO. I’ll be joining Foundry in offering feedback. We’ve done this before at other firms around the country, including Accel, Sequoia, and RRE, as part of our worldwide quest to find the best entrepreneurs. We also have an event on Tuesday at Austin Ventures.

As was the case with our other venture-firm meetups, there’s no exclusive deal with Foundry; like us, they just want to hear about new companies and ideas. If you’re interested in attending the Foundry event, please fill out this form.

If you’re selected as one of the 10 companies, we’ll follow up immediately with more information.

Look forward to seeing you!