cupcakeBritish intelligence agency MI6 hacked an Al Qaeda online magazine that contained instructions for a lethal pipe bomb using sugar, matches, a tiny lightbulb and a kitchen timer.

Agents switched the section of the magazine titled “Make a bomb in the Kitchen of your Mom” with delicious recipes from a post on the Ellen DeGeneres Show’s website about “The Best Cupcakes in America.”

So, you can imagine the feelings of confusion that must have been all over the faces of eager Jihadists as they read instructions for mojito cupcakes “made of white rum cake and draped in vanilla buttercream” and rocky road cupcakes that cautioned: “warning: sugar rush ahead!”

The mission to hack the 67-page color magazine called “Inspire” happened last year, but details about the operation only recently were made public. Agents also removed articles written by Osama bin Laden about what to expect in a Jihad , according to The Telegraph.

Photo via Nick^D