witcher 2


1.2 patch for Witcher 2 did something that I've seen far and few, especially for a non indie title. It fixed up gameplay issues consumers and reviewers had. The biggest issues reviewers have were that the intro sequence was too hard and combat felt too 'loose', CDprojekt addressed both of those issues in a patch only 2 weeks out of release. They rebalanced the intro sequence and changed key elements of combat to make it more tight. Most studios would say something like "We will think about this in the future installments" or something.

The only people that do such substantial patches are pretty much indie games, ios games, mmos, and the occasional mp fps. I'm feeling that more and more 'large games' will do this in the next few years with the next generation of consoles and games going more 'digital'. Will the whole review system change to reflect this?

Reviews are suppose to reflect the product you get out of the box right? I do notice reviews that mention minor bugs but say that upcoming patches will address this. But what about entire game system changes? Will review scores become dynamic? Will keeping your eyes on metacritic be similar to watching stocks? I do notice that a few mmorpg sites do 'update reviews' every year or so for the more popular games.