Here are a few extra titles that Ubisoft announced alongside the rest of the triple-A titles it unveiled at its press conference for the Electornic Entertainment Expo today.

Trackmania 2 — The game’s racing tracks feature some ridiculous gravity-defying sections like loop-de-loops that everyday drivers could never handle. All the tracks in the game are player-created and shared across Trackmania’s social network. it’s supposed to be part of a massive online network that will feature two other games — called Shootmania and Questmania — that aren’t revealed yet.

Rayman Raving Rabbids: Alive and Kicking — This game lets players play a number of mini-games with Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller. It’s based on the classic Rayman: Raving Rabbids games that feature crazy rabbits in a lot of mini-games, such as drawing food and taking out attacking rabbits with plunger guns. One example of a new mini-game is a whack-a-mole type game that makes gamers stomp on crazy rabbits as soon as they emerge from the ground in their living room. Some mini-games in Raving Rabbids can support up to four players, such as a “fill the shape” game that makes the four players strike a collective pose to frighten away a bunch of advancing crazy rabbits.

Just Dance 3 — This is the next version of Ubisoft’s dancing game that will appear on every home game console. It competes with Harmonix’s popular Dance Central series, but it’s able to capture the audience that doesn’t own an Xbox 360 but owns a Nintendo Wii or a PlayStation 3. Just Dance 3 will be available October 11.

Rocksmith — It’s a music game that lets players rock out to songs with an actual guitar. It’s like Guitar Hero, but this time it features a real guitar instead of a fake plastic guitar with five buttons. Rock Band 3 also carries a similar feature with its Pro modes, which let gamers play with a “pro” guitar that’s more like a real guitar and a specialized Fender Stratocaster that works with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Rocksmith will be available in North America this October.

YourShape — YourShape is a fitness game that will let gamers keep track of their fitness stats and do a number of exercises. Ubisoft didn’t reveal any additional details outside of that. YourShape will be available November 2011.