E3 has so many games it seems like it would be impossible for any developer/publisher to ignore the chance to push their latest and greatest. With that in mind I put together a short list of games that by all accounts should have made an appearance, but didn't.  Why they didn't appear is arguable, but regardless I wish these games had made an apperance!  

Tribes: Ascend

  • Tribes: Ascend

    • This game was announced not long ago and some information and images leaked, but thats about it. It would have been great to see or at least hear some new information about this game.

Max Payne 3

  • Max Payne 3

    • What can be said about Max Payne 3? It's been in development for roughly 7 years, we have seen images on and off for years now and once again, nothing. The game industry likes to joke around about DNF, but Max Payne 3 seems to be fast approaching the same level of insanity.

Call of Juarez: The Cartel

  • Call of Juarez: The Cartel

    • The announcement of this title created a stir, mostly negative and then in the months leading up to E3 details emerged and there was actually at least some optimism for this strange title. Now with E3 come and gone, I wonder if they took that early feedback and decided to go dark until changes have been made.

MGS: Rising

  • Metal Gear Solid: Rising

    • So, we knew this game was not going to appear at E3 after Kojima announced his plans to not attend, but still it's a bit baffling that Konami has been so silent about Rising for so long now. The game hasn't looked terrible when they have shown it in the past, but it has seemed like the game lacked a pretty integral part of gaming: actual gameplay.

The Last Guardian

  • The Last Guardian

    • This is sure to be a huge disappointment for many gamers. I for one was crossing my fingers that something would appear (like a release date!), unfortunately we didn't luck out. It's hard to tell if this game is in trouble or if the game is just being tweaked and perfected ala Blizzard/Valve style. I am hoping for the latter.

  • GTA 5

    • Honestly, I am not suprised this was a no show, I just thought I would throw this in because Michael Pachter in his love for "out of the blue" guesses, thought Nintendo was going to announce GTA 5 for the Wii U. Pure insanity, but fun to think about anyways.

  • Bungie's untitled Game

    • This one is also an obvious no show, since Bungie said they weren't going to be there this year, but still I was hoping for a suprise announcement at one of the big 3 conferences. That would have been stunning. 

  • Respawn Entertainment 's untitled Game

    • We all expected MW3 to be announced near or at E3 as soon as the second Black Ops sold as well as it did. Activision was going to continue marching on without the team that helped build their FPS empire. That knowledge made me hope that Respawn would take the opporunity to drop their own bombshell of an announcement. Perhaps they still will, but doing so at E3 would have been pretty nuts.


There you have it, the games I thought should have made an appearance. Call it wishfull thinking, but I think E3 would have been better had these games made an apperance.