YoutubeOnly 30 percent of people skip YouTube’s new TrueView ads, which play as a pre- or mid-roll against short or long form video content, according to YouTube Sales Director Bruce Daisley.

While Daisley says users that choose to watch TrueView ads on YouTube are 75 percent more engaged on average than users who are subjected to standard ads, it begs the question of whether those same users know they can skip the ads in the first place.

Still, YouTube’s advertising is pioneering the ability to empower its users to tell its clients what they like and do not like. And judging from the number of super annoying commercials on cable television that cause me to change the channel, this feature is not without value.

“TrueView challenges the old models and for the first time advertisers can see how often their ad is being skipped and it gives the media agencies the chance to challenge the creative execution, by simply pointing out that a certain ad is less effective than the previous one, simply because the user hasn’t viewed it as much,” Daisley said in a session at the Media360 event in Manchester, England, last Friday.

YouTube debuted its TrueView advertising platform in November 2010, which pays advertisers only if users view the entire ad or the first 30 seconds.

Via The Next Web