Now that most of the bustle surrounding E3 has died down, it's time to resume your daily dosage of that oh-so-tasty Video Blips medicine. If you still crave more E3, head over to our coverage hub!

Video Blips:

• A bed of brightly colored flowers apparently acts as a potent attractor of giant bugs in Defiance. I rather like the idea of a plant-choked Golden Gate Bridge. Less traffic that way.

Continue after the break for the down and dirty tower defense game Orcs Must Die!, the clash between customizable armies in World of Battles: Morningstar, and the heavy metal launch trailer of Transformers: Dark of the Moon.


• Jump into the fray and stave off hordes of gnoll hunters, kobolds, and orcs with swords and sorcery in Orcs Must Die! I see developer Robot Entertainment stole my "riding on the bus" soundtrack.

• Build armies out of World of Battles: Morningstar's 85 units and customize them with gear and abilities. I'm probably filling my ability bar with "attack" and "attack faster." That should work.

• Transformers: Dark of the Moon's saving grace from film adaptation hell is its development by High Moon Studios, creator of the successful Transformers: War for Cybertron. Of course, fishing for subtle nuances between two games involving giant robots smashing each other to bits is a little unnecessary. [GameTrailers]