Every year after the E3 video game trade show, people ask me what it’s like to go. It’s hard to explain the madness of E3 without video to show you what it’s like. So here’s what the U.S. video game industry’s largest trade show looked like in one small section of the show floor.

As you can tell from the walk on the show floor of the South Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center, E3 was jam-packed full of costumed characters, booth babes and attendees crowding around their favorite games. The tour gives you a flavor of the wide variety of games competing for attention in the carnival-like atmosphere of E3 as well as the emphasis on big-budget games that are akin to summer blockbuster movies.

E3 drew more than 45,000 industry professionals and had more than 35,000 displays to showcase the latest games. We took a little walking tour on the third and final day of the show last week. Please check it out below.

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