Sony Electronics is launching two lines of entertainment laptops today as it unveils more of its summer line-up aimed at taking market share away from Apple.

The machines are targeted at multimedia fans who want colorful machines that make them look cool and can run cool stuff like movies, music and games. They’re not exactly going to wipe Apple off the face of the earth, but they’ll keep Sony competitive as we near back-to-school season.

The Sony Vaio C series laptop is available in (cute marketing language to follow) Neon Red and Thunder Blue. It comes with 14-inch or 15.5-inch diagonal screens and a second-generation Intel Core i5 processor. It has a Blu-ray drive and AMD Radeon 1-gigabyte hybrid graphics.

Sony packs the laptop with Sony Imagination Studio Suite 2 Vaio edition software for creating, editing and sharing photos and multimedia files. Both models get up to nine hours of battery life and come with Intel’s Wireless Display capability. The Vaio C series laptop is available for pre-sale on June 19 for $730.

The Sony E series of laptops are also available in 14-inch and 15.5-inch models in four colors, as well as a 17.3-inch model in black or white. The laptops have geometric patterns on the lids and matching palm rests. The colors are all fingerprint-resistant.

The E series integrates Intel Wireless Display and can show videos on big screens with 1080p resolution. It allows access to content stored on a PlayStation 3 via Remote Play for PS 3.

The E series is available for pre-order starting June 19 for $550 and up. It comes with a Core i3 or i5 processor, or an AMD E-350 dual core processor, with AMD Mobility Radeon HD6130 graphics.