Jeremy Edberg, the first employee of social news site Reddit, has announced that he is leaving the company after working there for 4 years.

Edberg joined the company when it first started with co-founders Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman and site engineer Chris Slowe. He served as the site’s “Information Cowboy,” which involved serving as the site’s sys admin as well as handling a hodgepodge of outreach, public relations and general hellraising. While working at Reddit, he joined Tracy Lee as an advisor to social food discovery site Dishcrawl. He indicated that he would continue working with Lee on Dishcrawl in his official blog post about his departure today.

That leaves Ohanian as the last original member of the Reddit team on the site. Ohanian also left the site to pursue his own projects, which included flight search company Hipmunk and advocating for the startup incubator Y Combinator on the east coast. But he returned to his roots recently — like another prodigal son founder, Jack Dorsey, who  returned to the company that ballooned in valuation after he left.

Reddit brought on another systems administrator, Jason Harvey, back in February. He’ll be filling Edberg’s role while they search for another full-time employee to permanently take the spot, said Reddit’s Erik Martin.

Edberg didn’t specify what his next gig would be, but he fired off a number of personal pet projects he has been involved in while working at Reddit, including One Year Labs and Dishcrawl.

Reddit’s user base grew exponentially due to a mass exodus from rival news aggregator Digg. That site decided to kill a number of popular features, sparking outrage among its members. Traffic research firm Quantcast indicates that Digg now has 8.2 million unique visitors, down from nearly 16 million unique visitors in August before the latest version of Digg was released. Reddit boasts nearly 19 million unique visitors.

Reddit has about 10 employees working from San Francisco, New York, Salt Lake City and Los Angeles.