apple airport extremeAs expected, Apple has released a refreshed AirPort Extreme base station. However, it’s barely an upgrade, unless Apple’s just playing coy about revealing any major tweaks.

Like the previous version, the updated AirPort Extreme allows up to 50 simultaneous users to access dual-band Wi-Fi networking. Apple didn’t change any notable specifications and still labels the AirPort Extreme as “new.” It’s possible the device has been changed under the hood and tweaked to offer better performance, but if so Apple isn’t saying anything.

The AirPort Extreme base station, priced at $179, connects users to Wi-Fi and allows a USB-connected drive to act as a shared drive over the network. Additionally, the device lets connected users print to any central printer.

The last time Apple refreshed AirPort Extreme was in November 2009 with an updated antenna that bumped up networking speed and range.

Earlier Tuesday, Apple just as quietly updated its Time Capsule devices.