lulzsecA Brazilian component of hacker group LulzSec has taken down several Brazilian government websites as part of a massive hacking campaign led by LulzSec against government agencies.

Both the main website for the government of Brazil and the office of the President of Brazil were offline when VentureBeat tried to access the accounts. Both sites were taken down by LulzSecBrazil, a subgroup of the hacker group that has made headlines recently for several high-profile attacks and for its sassy attitude toward the public with public releases and Tweets.

“TANGO DOWN and LulzSecBrazil,” LulzSec said on its main Twitter account. “Our Brazilian unit is making progress. Well done @LulzSecBrazil, brothers!”

Hacker group Anonymous also posted a video that criticized the Brazilian government’s manipulation of information. The hacker group demanded that the Brazilian government be more transparent about its actions. LulzSec and Anonymous recently launched “Operation AntiSec,” a call to arms asking hackers everywhere to attack government websites and deface them.

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The group said it is hacking websites like for fun, rather than for political reasons. But recent activities by the group are reminiscent of tactics employed by hacker group Anonymous, a group known for digging for personal information and posting it on the web in retaliation for attacks on its members. The group recently outed two “snitches” that might have led to the arrest of a 19-year-old U.K. man suspected of cooperating with LulzSec.

LulzSec said it came from the same core group of hackers that would go on to become known as Anonymous. LulzSec’s attacks also bear an increasing resemblance to those made by Anonymous. For instance, Anonymous regularly takes up political causes, and a recent attack on is one of several politically-motivated attacks the LulzSec team has executed.