Preparations for our fourth annual MobileBeat conference are speeding along. Today, we’re announcing our second round of speakers for the event: Jeremy Stopppelman, CEO and co-founder of Yelp; Stephanie Tilenius, VP of payments and commerce at Google; David Temkin, head of mobile at AOL; and Aaron Levie, CEO and co-founder of You can find all of our current speakers here.

MobileBeat 2011 is taking place on July 12 – 13 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. We’re convening the brightest minds from across all sectors of the industry to explore who will win in what we’re calling “the 4G Nirvana.”

4G mobile networks have been talked about for some time, but this year they’re finally becoming readily available in the US. Verizon launched its LTE 4G network last December, AT&T is planning to get its LTE network up over the summer, and T-Mobile is steadily pushing up the speeds of its network into 4G territory. And let’s not forget that Sprint has had its 4G network up and running for years.

We’re betting that the plethora of 4G offerings will drive the mobile industry through an even more radical transformation: Joined with faster mobile chips, new operating systems and tablets, the promise of full mobile computing is now a reality.

Stoppelman co-founded Yelp in July 2004 with former colleague and friend Russel Simmons. Prior to Yelp, Jeremy was the VP of engineering at PayPal. He left PayPal in the summer of 2003 to attend the Harvard Business School. Upon completing his first year at HBS, Jeremy joined an incubator started by Max Levchin (co-founder of PayPal) for a summer internship. It was there that he was reunited with his old colleague Russel Simmons and the two teamed up to create a vibrant community around local information. Jeremy holds a B.S. in computer engineering from the University of Illinois.

Tilenius heads up commerce at Google, including digital content and commerce in the cloud, product search and payments. Prior to joining Google, she was at eBay for nine years, most recently as senior vice president of eBay North America and Global Product. As general manager and vice president of PayPal Merchant Services, Stephanie built PayPal’s platform and business on the web from the ground up to be used on 45 percent of websites today. She also ran eBay Motors and eBay Asia Pacific and Latin America. Previously, Stephanie was a co-founder of and worked at Intel, AOL, Firefly and Alex Brown.

Temkin has been Head of Mobile at AOL since June 2010. He has extensive experience in software development and management, particularly in the field of user interface engineering. Temkin served as Vice President of Developer Platform at Palm until June 24, 2010. At Palm, he was responsible for setting the strategy and shipping the software to support Palm webOS. Mr. Temkin co-founded Laszlo Systems, Inc. in 2000 and served as its Chief Technology Officer, President and Chief Executive Officer. He served as the Vice President of Engineering at Laszlo. He previously served at Excite@Home and Apple Computer.

Levie originally created as a college business project with the goal of helping people easily access their information from any location. was launched from Aaron’s dorm room in 2005 with the help of CFO Dylan Smith. He is the visionary behind Box’s product and platform strategy, which is focused on incorporating the best of traditional content management with the most effective elements of social business software. He has spoken about content and collaboration tools at events such as Accenture Global Summit, South by Southwest, and Svase.

MobileBeat 2011 (co-located with GamesBeat 2011) is sponsored by Flurry, Qualcomm, TapJoy, Zong, Greystripe, Papaya Mobile, and AT&T. Sponsors can message us at

We’ll be exploring the most disruptive mobile trends at our fourth annual MobileBeat 2011 conference, on July 12-13 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. It will focus on the rise of 4G and how it delivers the promise of true mobile computing. We’re also accepting entries for our mobile startup competition at the show. MobileBeat is co-located with our GamesBeat 2011 conference this year. To register, click on this link.