AdaptiveBlue, a New York City startup that lets users “check in” to TV shows to share what they’re watching with their friends, has unveiled an HTML5 version of its GetGlue app that emulates its iPhone and Android applications.

That means GetGlue will be available to just about every smartphone or tablet device out there with a mobile browser that supports HTML5. GetGlue is already available on the iPhone, BlackBerry, and devices running Google’s Android mobile operating system. The company said around 10 percent of check-in data from applications like Foursquare comes from mobile sites.

The mobile site is similar to the application and is designed to feel like a native app like the one available on the iPhone and Android devices. TV is the biggest part of the app, but users can also check in to content like movies, songs, books, and video games. Like other check-in applications, users can earn badges and add friends so they can follow a user’s check-in data.

There’s a check-in app that users can download for their iPhone and iPad, but media companies can also add GetGlue’s check-in technology to their own apps and websites. A network could add a widget to a TV show website, and fans could then use a widget to say, “I’m watching Doctor Who,” which could then be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and within the GetGlue app itself.

Broadcast companies like USA, Showtime, and Discovery are already using GetGlue check-ins.

Foursquare, another incredibly popular check-in application that focuses on location instead of content, also has a browser-based check-in service. That application has picked up around 10 million users.

GetGlue has 1.2 million users and the company recorded 5.5 million check-ins in May. The number of check-ins through the application has doubled between June and March, according to the company.

New York, N.Y.-based ActiveBlue has received funding from Union Square Ventures, RRE Ventures, TimeWarner Investments and a number of prominent angel investors. The company raised $6 million in December last year.