Are you yearning a polished multiplayer experience for your awesome high-five skills? If so, this is the trailer for you.

Video Blips:

• Developer Naughty Dog's Justin Richmond and Robert Cogburn explain the multiplayer beta of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. Not only does pairing up with a buddy emphasize teamwork, it also ensures my inevitable ridicule whenever I blow myself up with a grenade.

Continue after the break for the embattled skies of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, the arrival of a telekinetic badass in Mortal Kombat, and an enigmatic introduction of The Second Guest.


•  The warbirds of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon pack plenty missiles for turning the opposition into Swiss cheese. For those calling foul on the weapon carrying capacity of these fighters, I'll remind them that the F22 jet apparently contains an extra-dimensional storage bay regulated by a warp reactor-powered flux capacitor.

• Blind swordsman Kenshi seeks the sorcerer who ruined his vision in Mortal Kombat. This seemingly involves learning the ways of the Force and looking like a Mass Effect reject.

• This teaser for The Second Guest sure has a spooky credit sequence. And that's about it. I guess the narrator ran out of catchphrases.