In a city where eccentric socialites assume alter egos named after animals, having the name of Bob or Dave doesn't really sound like a bad idea.

Video Blips:

• Catwoman's feline grace and shifting allegiances fits well within Batman: Arkham City's treacherous criminal underworld. Of course, whipping someone's face off definitely commands some respect regardless of reputation.

Continue after the break for the hulking Bounty Hunter's armor progression in Star Wars: The Old Republic, the many faces of the Chimera in Resistance 3, and Kenshi's bloody path of revenge in Mortal Kombat.


• The Bounty Hunter's patchwork armor becomes more pronounced (and more boxy) throughout each progression tier in Star Wars: The Old Republic. I still hope for a Tuskan Raider class so I can sit in a cave and howl all day.

• Members of Resistance 3's development team describe the evolution of the Chimera from nightmarish monsters to nightmarish monsters with glowing armor. Their considerable dimensionality further expands with lots of growling and gnashing of teeth.

• Blind warrior Kenshi rigorously follows the "eye for an eye" mantra in Mortal Kombat. Sometimes he swaps for the classic "eye for a gory disembowlment" mantra, but that works too.