Foursquare Android NotificationsUsually Apple’s iOS platform gets the freshest apps and biggest app updates before Google’s Android OS does. But location-based service Foursquare bucked that trend Tuesday with the release of an update that adds a cool new notifications panel to its Android app before its iOS counterpart.

Foursquare is the most popular location-based social network running today, with more than 10 million users, and its innovations routinely catch the eye of other major social players like Facebook and Twitter, both of which have added location elements to their services. Earlier today, the company announced it now has more than half a million businesses signed up and offering specials.

The new Android app update aims to help take users “beyond the check-in,” according to a company blog post. The new notifications tray does this by giving the following types of updates:

• a friend comments on one of your check-ins
• there are new comments or photos on a check-in you’ve commented on
• your friend does one of the Tips you’ve left
• you and a friend both have the same place on your To-Do List
• a place you’ve checked in to starts swarming
• one of your Facebook friends joins Foursquare
• you’re ousted as Mayor

New York-based Foursquare recently closed a $50 million round of funding led by Andreessen-Horowitz, with help from O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, Union Square Ventures and Spark Capital. One recent report suggested the company’s valuation sits at $600 million and could be as high as $1 billion.