Google+ project

New evidence suggests that Google is planning a full roll out of Google+, its new social service currently in beta testing, to Google Apps customers with the public launch of Google+ later this month. A Google OS reader reports accidentally gaining access to Google+ through his business’ domain name (Paralaus) after switching from his personal account to his Apps account.

“I was unaware that Google+ was open on another tab. I tried to reshare something publicly, and was confused that it was saying Paralaus where it should be saying Public,” wrote Ufuk Kayserilioglu. “Picking that options told me that only ‘People on Paralaus can find and view’ my post. It was then that I realized I was able to use Google+ with my Google Apps account in a hybrid mode where I was not fully logged in but some elements were available; almost as a preview.”

It’s nice to see that Google realizes the vast potential its Google+ services could have for businesses using Google Apps. Circles would help organize all professional contact, while Hangouts could revolutionize the way meetings are held.

However, there are still plenty of kinks to work out within the service. It’s understandable that Google wouldn’t want to roll out Google+ feature to its paid subscribers immediately. Should there be a breach of privacy due to Google+ (or any number of other bugs that would hinder the experience of using Google Apps), the company could end up losing those customers.