Preparations for our fourth annual MobileBeat conference are speeding along. Today, we’re announcing our fourth round of speakers for the event: Keith Rabois, COO at Square; Bill Maris, managing partner at Google Ventures; David Williams, VP of mobile products at AT&T Interactive; Raj Talluri, VP of product management at Qualcomm; Michael Chang, general manager at Greystripe; and Bill Gajda, head of global mobile product at Visa.  You can find all of our current speakers here.

MobileBeat 2011 is taking place on July 12 – 13 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. We’re convening the brightest minds from across all sectors of the industry to explore who will win in what we’re calling “the 4G Nirvana.”

4G mobile networks have been talked about for some time, but this year they’re finally becoming readily available in the US. Verizon launched its LTE 4G network last December, AT&T is planning to get its LTE network up over the summer, and T-Mobile is steadily pushing up the speeds of its network into 4G territory. And let’s not forget that Sprint has had its 4G network up and running for years.

We’re betting that the plethora of 4G offerings will drive the mobile industry through an even more radical transformation: Joined with faster mobile chips, new operating systems and tablets, the promise of full mobile computing is now a reality.

Keith Rabois is the COO at Square and a prominent angel investor. Previously, he was the Vice President of Strategy & Business Development for Slide, where he is responsible for Slide’s corporate strategy and partnerships. During his tenure, Slide has become the world’s leading social entertainment company, offering millions of people worldwide a fun way to communicate and engage on social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace.

Bill Maris brings with him a combination of technical expertise and hands on start-up experience, including founding Web hosting pioneer (now part of, where he built much of the key computing, network and technological infrastructure. Prior to that, Bill was a biotechnology and healthcare portfolio manager for Stockholm, Sweden-based Investor AB.

David Williams has driven Internet and mobile product innovation and business growth for nearly 15 years. In his current role at AT&T Interactive, he is responsible for the development and performance of consumer mobile local search properties. He also guides the evolution of an application platform that empowers web developers to create powerful native mobile applications.

Raj Talluri serves as vice president of product management for Qualcomm CDMA Technologies (QCT). He is responsible for managing Qualcomm’s Applications Processor technologies and wired connectivity solutions for the Company’s chipset platforms. Talluri has nearly eighteen years of experience that spans across business management, strategic marketing, and engineering management.

Michael Chang is responsible for Greystripe’s market vision and execution. He was most recently at Incubic Venture Capital and was responsible for investments in Internet and software companies. It was at Incubic that Michael and Andy (Greystripe’s VP of Technology) conceived of the ad-supported mobile business model.

Bill Gajda is the Head of Global Mobile Product, at Visa, the world’s largest retail payment network. Gajda oversees Visa’s mobile product and commercial strategies and activities. In this role, he manages a global initiative to build alliances, develop and implement mobile services and platforms that enable the next generation of payments and financial services.

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We’ll be exploring the most disruptive mobile trends at our fourth annual MobileBeat 2011 conference, on July 12-13 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. It will focus on the rise of 4G and how it delivers the promise of true mobile computing. MobileBeat is co-located with our GamesBeat 2011 conference this year. To register, click on this link.