LiveDibs has just been named People’s Choice winner in the Infrastructure category at this year’s MobileBeat Startup Competition. The startup defines itself as a geo-location oriented social deals marketplace.

“LiveDibs gives you access to the deals you might actually care about,” said Lindsey Rosen. It does this by giving vendors access to location data in addition to pricing data, which is pulled from the user’s preferences. After reviewing the data, vendors can make more accurate decisions on who to market to and where.

Dibs can also be branded with a vendor’s logo and other identifying qualities. It is essentially a white label for deals.

Most interesting is the idea that deals succeed when spread through trusted sources. Trusted sources are your target’s neighbors, family members and friends – a hard market to access for personal company gain. LiveDibs allows you to leverage these people, however, by allowing users to share their Dibs across social networks, in the Live Dibs community and through SMS texting.

Rosen used Facebook as an example of building on a personal, trusted network. In essence, Facebook allows you to create your social web experience starting by aggregating your close friends onto your Facebook page. From there it grew dramatically, as LiveDibs hopes to do with mobile payments.

“This is intended to create a best case scenario for vendors and users,” said Rosen.

LiveDibs was founded in April 2010 and has 5 employees.

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