Urban warfare games always hand us policemen or crooks to play with, but I'm still holding out for a civilian class with cover-based "cower" and "flee" abilities.

Video Blips:

• Join the hardened cops or cunning criminals in Call of Juarez: The Cartel's multiplayer modes. Hopefully this game gains enough favor for a Dog the Bounty Hunter spin-off.

Continue after the break for Rain's wetness in Mortal Kombat, Storm's weather-based puzzle system, and a demon fox's invasion of Pockie Ninja.


• Rain holds the power to seriously break your umbrella in Mortal Kombat. It's as if Seattle channeled its shower patterns into a man-shaped avatar of soakage. But don't say that to his face.

• More rain, you say? Yep, Storm's puzzles require deft control of drizzles, sunlight, and lightning for victory. I thought X-Men's Storm might factor into this somehow, but unless she embraced the almighty power of the hippie while I wasn't looking, I'm out of luck.

• Who needs throwing knives or an impractical, spiky hairdo when you've got a demonic fox on your side in Pockie Ninja? Transforming into a monstrous creature looks way cooler than having it pop out of a little ball, I say.